Case Study in collaboration with Sinew Engineering

Material handling can be a complicated process & is important to help make sure you receive usable raw materials from your suppliers and deliver satisfactory products to your customers. Materials need to be handled carefully through every step of the process. The material handling industry is expected to reach $190 billion in worldwide revenue by 2024.

The Problem

A leading Printing & Packaging solutions company, handling large paper reels needed to reduce the manual movement of material, especially large paper reels. Their existing stacker couldn't be used.

Material movement is always a constraint in many of the industries and while automation is a solution, it is not always feasible due to

  1. Huge investment cost
  2. Occupying larger spaces and
  3. High installation efforts involved

The challenge in this case was, due to space constraints in the godown. The company,

  • Wasn't able to use existing stackers to stack their paper reels due to lack of space for movement.
  • Couldn't use a trucks or forklifts for the same reason.


The team at Sinew Engineering began by studying the process & existing material handling at the godown.

They noted that the reels were moved from one location to another often. Traditionally as part of this process, in order to store the materials, reels are often stacked (one above another), for space optimization.

At this godown, despite having a stacker, they weren't able to stack the reels due to space constraints. Since they weren't able to stack reels they were kept, one beside the other using up a lot of space & blocking the rest of the process flow.

About Sinew Engineering

M/s Sinew Engineering specialises in material handling solutions. They provide customised solutions in material movement.

They are instrumental in manufacturing and wholesaling an optimum quality spectrum of Material Handling Equipments, Rackable Plastic Pallet and many more.
Incorporated in the year 2018, Sinew Engineering is counted amongst the pioneering entities of this domain.

Proposed Solutions

Having understood the concerns, M/s Sinew Engineering proposed to manufacture a semi- electric reel lifter to manage movement. The semi-electric reel lifter was designed considering the space and load factors.

The Outcome

The semi-electric reel lifter had the following advantages when compared to their existing forklift or stackers.

  • Compact in size when compared to the forklift or stacker
  • The existing stacker could be dedicated to reel shifting
  • Improvement in godown space due to being able to stack reels
  • Cost effective when compared to a traditional stacker - 60% lesser cost

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