Looking back at the year that was: Venwiz 2022

Excited for new year and milestones at Venwiz, grateful for fantastic achievements as a team in 2022.

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Beginning with

1. The assurance showed by 10 marquee enterprises, which promises to take us to greater heights as a capex & services procurement platform. We would like to specifically recognise the efforts by Shubham in this endeavour; followed by Prasad's team for strengthening these engagements.

2. In 2022 we focused on streamlining the pace of our product and tech dev with a high focus on building a platform packed with features to enable a seamless procurement experience for our manufacturing clients & vendors (customers).

We proceed with a clear vision of what’s going to come in 2023.
A huge shoutout to Shrikant & Junaid’s teams whose dedication & focus on high output made this happen.

3. Next, our pace of vendor addition/qualification has reached ~3000/m. With a significant capability to tap onto, in 2023. Led by Rakesh­Philip with the rest of the team, who have been phenomenal in this.

Coming to the rest of our achievements, looking back, 2022 has been an action-packed year for us.

4. We grew from a small team of 10 to 15 to now 35+ each bringing an immense amount of potential. Our teams continue to value & represent the culture we’re building at Venwiz, from various locations across the country!

5. From org workshops to vendor engagement sessions our strategy & marketing teams led by Siddhant & Mehul have been driving engagement & have big plans for 2023.

Venwiz Workshop

6. Our emphasis on OKRs for performance management has only eased our way of working; many thanks to the perseverance shown by Siddhant & Abhimanyu in driving this.

We would like to thank the whole team at Venwiz for a wonderful 2022!
Special mention to the team at Bizcraft(Prashant & team) for their continued support.
Last but not the least grateful to BarathSameer and Accel/Nexus Venture Partners teams for their continued belief in Venwiz and support as and when needed.

Sandesh & Rajesh take this as an opportunity to thank everyone & look forward to a successful year ahead!

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New Year wishes from Venwiz

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