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Distinguished clients on Venwiz

Venwiz has active client engagements across India, with some marquee manufacturing companies.

Client testimonials

Tata Coffee has been one of the initial clients at Venwiz, and the two entities have had a successful engagement for more than 10 months. Mr Karanjit Singh, GM-Tata Coffee talks about the company's experience on Venwiz as a platform- “Venwiz is definitely building a highly curated vendor database. Unlike other players, all the vendor recommendations at Venwiz are optimally matched for a client`s job requirement. To give an example, within 40 days Venwiz submitted 2-3 vendor recommendations for each job of our annual capex spend across three plant locations- Theni, Thoopran, Coorg - Hasan.”

Karanjit Singh Procurement & Domestic Logistics Tata Coffee Ltd

With over 30 years of experience as a professional in the manufacturing domain, one consistent problem I have been facing is on time project delivery. Venwiz has taken on this challenge by the horns, via its digital solutions around vendor discovery and service procurement. These digital solutions have streamlined many inefficiencies, thus saving almost 40-50% of the total project time.”

Sandip Sinha Sr VP, Essar Power

"Venwiz's "Discovery" module helped us create a pool of relevant vendors for all our capex requirements (both greenfield and regular projects) across multiple plant locations. On Venwiz, we receive atleast two additional quotes for our each project requirement. Venwiz also helped us scout for a vendor outside India for a very niche requirement, thus helping us make progress on a long-pending improvement project."

Madhav Bhutada Promoter, Shilpa Medicare Ltd

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