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Introduction to Venwiz


Founded in 2020, Venwiz is a trusted partner to leading players in the manufacturing industry and we focus on the digitisation and streamlining of end-to-end service engagements. Our goal is to build a one-stop solution for all industrial services that can support our users journey seamlessly.

Our industrial services vendor network hosts curated, pre-vetted and qualified vendors from across India. We enable manufacturers to discover the right service vendors, collaborate with them, and execute jobs more efficiently


Pricing dependant on the scope of work, please contact us at for further details.

Getting Started on Venwiz

Welcome to Venwiz! We are shaping the new normal of B2B sourcing - Rapid, Seamless & Intelligent.

Whether you're looking to expand your network, access new opportunities, build new skills and experience in new industries, we are your one-stop solution. Venwiz can work closely with you to understand specific requirements and pain points and enable solutions for the same.

Our tech platform is built to enable fast discovery & assessment, efficient collaboration with the right people & host all services end-to-end.

To get started you can register on our vendor or manufacturer portals depending on the nature of your business. Our robust registration process will ensure you are equipped to kickstart your journey towards efficiency immediately.

To register you can use the following links

Industrial Services Vendor -
Manufacturers & Plant managers -

To learn more you can access more tailored information below

Venwiz for Vendors

Getting Started as an Industrial Service Vendor on Venwiz

As an Industrial service vendor on Venwiz, you get a full-fledged solution that is focused on improving your business journey, within the manufacturing and allied industries. Our solution is focused on time-saving and cost-competitive ways of getting discovered through our platform.

To get you started, we have a robust registration process that ensures we capture the most essential details required for manufacturers to be able to realize your capabilities and more.

You can also request a demo to clarify your queries by clicking the 'BOOK A DEMO' button on our website

Advantages of signing up on Venwiz as a service vendor

As a vendor once you're ready to register on Venwiz, you get:

  • Robust & detailed registration to build your digital portfolio.
  • Showcased to qualified and high-value business leads from across India through your comprehensive profile.
  • Communicate only with relevant stakeholders within a manufacturing facility.
  • Expand business into new geographies or verticals based on real demand.
  • Features that enable you to manage your business and communications through a single portal.
  • Feedback on your performance from clients and insights on skill gaps.

How does the Venwiz platform work for Vendors

As an Industrial Service Vendor on Venwiz, your digital portfolio can be searched for and accessed by trusted & high-quality manufacturing leads as well as relevant key stakeholders in the industry. Our platform will support your journey end-to-end, from discovery, until you are ready to execute a job.

Our search is supported by smart filters to help your profile get featured & shortlisted for specific jobs. We ensure your requirements are catered to efficiently & with the right leads who are interested in your business offerings & strengths.

Venwiz for Manufacturers

Getting Started as a Manufacturer on Venwiz

As a Manufacturer on Venwiz, you get access to a full-fledged solution that is focused on improving your service procurement journey, within the manufacturing and allied industries. Our solution is focused on time-saving and cost-competitive ways of discovering service vendors through our platform. Our platform ensures reduced search and selection time and higher digitization using data and AI as well as reduced cost and complexity via our single window digital tracking of PO/vendor execution status.

To get started, we have a simple 3 step registration process, following which our team will get in touch with you for your onboarding.

Register Now -

Alternatively, you can request for a demo & get in touch with our team to clarify your queries

Advantages of signing up on Venwiz as a Manufacturer

As a Manufacturer, Venwiz can help you:

  • Reduce time and cost of vendor discovery, preview vetted and comprehensive vendor profiles to evaluate a vendor
  • Engage with vendors digitally via the platform
  • Access a large valuable network of relevant industrial service vendors (spanning projects, repair & maintenance, operations, and more) leading to better price discovery
  • Benchmark your existing vendors against a larger pool outside your network
  • Review and share feedback as well as view previous client experiences for vendors

How does the Venwiz platform work for Manufacturers

Once you have signed up on the platform you will have access to our carefully curated network of industrial service vendors who can be contacted via our platform. We support your journey end-to-end from discovery to execution.

Our search is supported by smart filters to help you shortlist & compare the right service vendors for the specific jobs. We also have the option of vendor requests where we ensure your requirements are catered to efficiently & with the right leads who are capable of handling your business requirements.

Type in your query, filter your results, shortlist or compare them & communicate your intent all via the platform in a matter of minutes.

Want to explore our features before signing up? You can use this link -

How do I connect with a vendor through Venwiz?

On Venwiz, we ensure you meet the right industrial service vendors for projects, repair & maintenance operations, and more who are verified & capable of handling your requirements.

Working with them through the platform is simple, just search for your service needs, filter, compare & shortlist the right vendors & initiate direct messaging via the platform to start the engagement.

Try our search now -

How can I see the range of vendor capabilities offered by venwiz?

You can choose from 2000+ verified professionals across 40+ service categories for all your industrial service needs. Please visit our Vendor Capabilities section to view services offered by our network of vendors.