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M/s SN Singh, a part of the M/s SNS Group of Companies, is an EPC Mechanical and Civil Contractor and works on large infrastructure projects. They handle a wide range of mechanical E&C work, including structural fabrication, equipment erection, testing and commissioning, Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC), and related civil activities.

In collaboration with BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited) at the OPaL Dahej Project from 2012 to 2014, they completed comprehensive mechanical E&C work for the Black Start DG sets of the CPP (Captive Power Plant).

Challenge With Turnkey EPC Project

The client requested the construction of a 30-meter-tall structural chimney for their exhaust system. The task presented challenges as it entailed a high-value, special material-grade imported silencer that India couldn’t repair or replace. Procuring the silencer took a long time. Additionally, the chimney consisted of fabricated steel parts that workers fastened together. The height of the chimney caused concerns regarding the safety of personnel and machinery.

The typical process for installing the structural frame would have taken approximately four weeks. This would have required cordoning off the entire work zone to prevent accidents from falling materials. Both the client and vendor were concerned about worker safety, especially in challenging weather conditions like heat and rain. The site was also subject to strong winds, which further complicated worker movement while wearing safety harnesses.

Solution :

Engineers from the vendor and client teams worked together to develop a solution. They decided to carry out the assembly work on the ground and lift the entire structural frame and duct sections in one go with a 40-meter-high crane. The vendor ensured the weight of the assembled structure was below the crane’s capacity.

The vendor team could complete the assembly on the ground within three days. They used a crane to erect the entire chimney on the fourth day. They spent another week checking the joints, installing the platform grills and staircase, and performing quality control checks. Astonishingly, the entire process was completed within two weeks, a record for such towering structures.

The Outcome

  • Safety concerns were minimized, with only one day of work conducted at significant heights.
  • The entire work zone remained accessible for concurrent activities, reducing overall project time losses.
  • They completed the project without a cost overrun or any accidents.
  • The vendor replicated the process for other projects.

The PMC (project management consultant) was delighted by the quality of work, and BHEL released payments smoothly.

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