TiTo IIoT Solution with Synook

TiTo IIoT Solution: A Game-Changer for FMCG Tracking

Logistics tracking with IIoT solutions

A leading FMCG manufacturer had an issue identifying and tracking the location of their trucks, which resulted in disruptions. Read about how Syook was able to provide an effective TiTo IIoT Solution.

The movement of goods is among the key aspects of revenue generation for most manufacturing setups. As a manufacturer, you cannot operate without the inward movement of the raw materials and cannot generate revenue until the FGs are dispatched. As a warehouse operator, you cannot generate revenue without the inward and outward flow of goods.

The Challenge

Due to the number of checkpoints and locations, the truck’s wait time inside the premises increased. This can lead to cascading effects, resulting in

  • Delays in production cycles,
  • Delayed dispatch of final goods, etc.
  • Increase in trunk rentals

The solution:

Upon speaking with M/s Syook, the FMCG manufacturing company, the team at Syook studied the entire logistics flow. Syook was able to quickly suggest the implementation of their in-house technology known as TiTo (Truck-In-Truck-Out) for the manufacturer.

TiTo is an industrial IIoT solution that is used to monitor the location of trucks and drivers for managing in-plant logistics and SCM (Supply chain management) at factories and warehouses. With the implementation of TiTo, there is a drastic improvement in the TAT (turnaround Time).

The Outcome of TiTo IIoT Solution

There were several positive outcomes of the TiTo IIoT Solution. The delays were drastically reduced, with visible improvements in the average TAT after 30 days. The FMCG manufacturer saved upwards of 90 minutes using the technology. They were able to:

  • Handle more trucks
  • Improved productivity
  • Lower Logistics Costs
  • Lower Carbon Footprint
  • Reduce NVA (Non-value-adding activities)
  • Faster Deliveries

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