Safety Compliance Solutions thanks to M/s Entech consultants

Safety Compliance Solutions For Steel Plant In Tamil Nadu

Mitigating The Closure Of Operations Due To Non-Compliance With Safety Standards

A steel manufacturing company based in Tamil Nadu was issued a closure notice by the High Court of Madras due to its operations not meeting environmental and safety compliance standards.

Meeting statutory compliance is essential and mandatory for any organization. These include safety, health, and environmental compliance.

Deviation from statutory compliance can attract huge fines and may even lead to closure for non-compliance, by the government.

The client was looking for a consultant who had expertise in the subject matter of environmental and safety compliance. They needed safety compliance solutions and help mitigating the impact of the non-compliance, so as to avoid the closure of operations.

The Solutions

M/s Entech consultants came on board and helped the company by studying the drawbacks and non-conformities. The non-conformities were highlighted and their impact was explained. Further, a detailed feasibility study was conducted to ensure the non-conformity was addressed and closed.

  • The team at M/s En Tech, designed and suggested the necessary actions and helped implement them.
  • They coordinated all the public hearing meetings alongside the clients and highlighted their case studies and suggestions for improvements.
  • They further assisted the company by preparing all the relevant documents and presenting them to the government on their behalf.

Based on the report and physical verifications, the order of operation was issued by the court, and the plant was able to resume operations.

En Tech consultants have supported more than 500 clients with similar safety compliance issues.

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