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RFID Employee Tracking: Revolutionizing Workforce Management

With companies shifting their focus towards efficiency, it can be challenging to track jobs. Moreover, with most manufacturing plants spanning vast areas, both managers and workers find it difficult to monitor work areas. There are various options to track employees, including RFID employee tracking.

The Problem

One of India’s largest civil construction companies encountered a similar issue because of its expansive workforce. Tracking workers at sites with a workforce exceeding 100 proved to be quite a challenge.

While the company could monitor attendance, they struggled to verify worker presence at their designated locations. Workers often deviated from their assigned locations and attempted to evade work. This problematic behaviour resulted in significant revenue loss, decreased productivity, and project timeline delays.

The company sought solutions to address this issue and contacted Hexahash Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for assistance.

The Solution With RFID Employee Tracking

The team at Hexahash Technologies Pvt. Ltd. visited multiple client locations and proposed giving RFID ID badges to all their workers.  RFID employee tracking systems offer many benefits to the construction and infrastructure industries because of their environmental attributes and use cases.


The entire process is completed in milliseconds. Infrastructure and construction companies could identify the precise location of the workers, verifying it against their allocated zones, total dwelling hours in unallocated areas, and their productive vs. non-productive hours. You can use RFID Personnel tracking systems as standalone systems or with RFID employee attendance systems and employee productivity systems.

About Hexahash Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Hexahash Technologies builds RFID-based employee tracking systems that help organizations enhance employee safety, productivity, and performance using RFID badges or labels. Their long-range RFID readers offer automated employee attendance, location intelligence, geo-fencing, and data analysis to streamline business processes.


The Outcome

After implementing RFID tags, the company stopped using the previous method of attendance tracking and began tracking the workers at the location using RFID technology. This resulted in a noticeable increase in productivity, thanks to improved tracking, achieving the desired outcomes.

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