HVAC Power Consumption Reduction for Pharma Success

The Challenge

An analysis by a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer found that their HVAC system contributed to the majority of their power consumption. They needed a solution to reduce HVAC power consumption without compromising process temperatures or incurring huge costs. 

HVAC is one of the most energy-consuming and often neglected pieces of equipment in the industry. Maintaining these systems is always a concern, and breakdowns can lead to cascading effects. In order to overcome this, HVAC as a service is introduced. 

The Solution: Reduce HVAC Power Consumption

M/s Technogreen Air Conditioning, with their years of experience and established credentials, proposed conducting a study of the existing heat loads & optimizing the compressor output. During non-summer seasons, the filtered natural air is used for cooling. This implementation was quick and executed without incurring huge investments.

The clients benefited from a 20% reduction in energy consumption during the non-summer seasons without compromising the processes or investment costs.

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