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PV SCADA Systems: Transforming Solar Energy Efficiency in India

India has made substantial progress in domestic solar module manufacturing capacity in recent years, including the implementation of advanced technologies like the PV SCADA System.  Solar manufacturing refers to the fabrication and assembly of materials across the solar value chain, the most prominent one being solar photovoltaic (PV) panels.

Solar Manufacturing in India

The Indian government’s ambitious targets and support for the solar sector have made indigenous PV manufacturing’s prospects even more vibrant. As a result, dozens of companies are vying to make a mark in the Indian solar sector.

India has made substantial progress in expanding domestic module manufacturing capacity in recent years but greater impetus is needed to achieve the renewables target of 500GW13 (300GW of solar) by 2030.

The solar value chain continues to undergo a digital transformation.  Shrinking costs, performance optimization, asset reliability improvement, and ultimately extending the asset lifecycle have made the case for solar digitization much stronger.

Source: Ministry Of Power, Mission 500 GW by 2030, November 2021.

The Problem

An Indian manufacturer and OEM importer of solar trackers was looking for solutions to build a PV SCADA system using their trackers & equipment.

These PV SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems would help them monitor all the required parameters within their Solar PV system.

The challenge faced by the OEM was the unavailability of vendors providing turnkey solutions within this segment. This meant they would have to rely on multiple vendors for the execution of the project. The multi-vendor route has the following potential disadvantages:

  • Coordinating with several vendors simultaneously may require a considerable amount of extra time and resources.
  • Higher costs
  • Integration difficulties result in additional time and money.


The team at VR Engineering Berater began by studying the process & requirements:

  • Solar energy comes with a high initial cost, which is recovered through the reduction in conventional energy consumption.
  • So higher solar cell efficiency leads to better solar energy generation. Solar PV cells need a larger area for installations; therefore, they are generally located in remote areas.
  • New-age trackers and equipment are available in the market, but installing and maintaining them can be a major bottleneck.

About VR Engineering Berater

VR Engineering Berater is an Industrial Turnkey Engineering Solutions Company focused on providing smart & innovative engineering solutions to fulfil the requirements of process industry Customers. They specialize in executing Industrial Process Control Automation Projects.

PV SCADA System profilel VR Engineering


Proposed Solutions

VR Engineering Berater provided a fully integrated PV SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system for data acquisition,
monitoring & control of PV plants in accordance with national & international grid codes. They also provided a graphical interface
for all the functions, which could be easily operated and monitored.

PV SCADA System Solution1
PV SCADA System Solar Panel

The Outcome After PV SCADA System Implementation

  • After the implementation of the SCADA, the company was able to remotely monitor the performance of their solar PV systems.
  • Instant triggers and alerts were enabled. The maintenance crew was able to act immediately, on the equipment.
  • The actual vs theoretical energy generation was derived and the factors affecting these were also derived.

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