Full Automation Control Success Story Led By M/S A.S. Automation

Project execution through Full Automation Control


A leading polyurethane (PU) foam company had an urgent requirement for an automation turnkey project but could find the right resources near their plant.

Proximity and access play a vital role in project execution. Manufacturing companies close to industrial hubs find it easier to discover resources that can get the job done efficiently. Inversely, for companies located far away from industrial hubs, project execution becomes more complicated.


The client’s existing system had legacy control (i.e., outdated computing software and/or hardware was still in use). They handled all the control loops manually, using controllers and relays.

The client could not improve the process and also faced the challenge of data extraction and analysis with the existing system.


The client contacted M/s A S Automation, whose team was nearly 1500 km from the plant. Despite the distance, M/s A S Automation executed the project successfully by automating the entire process (Full Automation Control). This included report generation, alarm generation, user controls and much more.

M/s A A Automation, upgraded the entire process into a closed-loop control system using the latest technologies. As part of the project different closed-loop control systems were taken up and used for execution, such as chemical mixing, temperature control, maintaining foam concentration, excess tank feeding to external sources, measurement at each stage etc.

The Outcome of Implementing Full Automation Control

The clients successfully came out of the legacy system, after implementation. They gained a technological advantage after using a PLC (programmable logic controller). This helped them improve the process. The client was also able to view periodic reports, receive alerts and alarms, monitor user restrictions and controls, etc.

The two factors affecting remote project execution are:

  • Client’s accessibility to competent vendors away from the plant.
  • GST taxation policy for working in different states.

The client was extremely satisfied and gave repeat orders to M/s A S Automation.

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