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Paper Machine Dryer Upgrade: Enhancing Efficiency

The pulp and paper industry uses huge machines called paper-making machines. The paper machine has multiple sections that convert liquid pulp to paper. In this case study, we examine how the vendor implements a paper machine dryer upgrade with several constraints.

The Problem

A large Indian paper manufacturer was looking to upgrade their dryer section in the paper machine. During the process, they encountered multiple challenges and needed to collaborate with a vendor capable of not only studying the current process but also suggesting and implementing the necessary upgrades.

They shortlisted Yesvee Industries for the job. A company renowned for its comprehensive range of products and services tailored to address issues in the paper and pulp machinery sector

Founded in 2005, Yesvee has proven excellence in quality, design, and engineering.

The Process

The paper-making machine has various sections: wet end, forming section, press section, dryer section, size press, calendar section, reel section, and winder section.

The dryers are typically arranged in groups so that they can be run at a progressively slower speed to compensate for sheet shrinkage as the paper dries. The dryer section plays a major role in the efficiency of the paper machine, both in terms of quality and speed. Most companies invest in enhancing or upgrading their dryer section.

Dryer Section

The Dryer Section in a Paper Machine
Dryer Section at Yesvee Industries

The Analysis

The team from Yesvee Engineering visited the customer’s site and began evaluating the paper machine processes along with paying close attention to the dryer section. The team initiated a debottle necking study of different parameters and functions within the dryer section including the ones below:

  • If the steam in the cylinder was leading to condensation
  • The effect of fumes from the heat source (if not properly exhausted)
  • The impact of ambient temperature
  • Irregularity in the steam flow
  • Dryer Cylinder GA (general arrangement)
  • Sheet rpm versus roller speed
  • The surface and the diameters of the rolls.
  • Load for adding a group of rolls
  • Additional space for rolls

The Solution

Post their analysis, the Yesvee Industries team submitted a report suggesting upgrades for the dryer section. An important improvement suggested was to add a group of rolls.

Although the company was able to implement the same, it was faced with certain constraints, as detailed below:

In order to implement the modification, additional space would be required, which would stop the modification of the dryer part, as the paper machine and the dryer unit are generally placed either on the first or second floor.

Yesvee Industries, in response, suggested arranging the loop on the ground floor. This would have substantial cost savings by minimizing civil construction requirements.

About Yesvee Industries

Yesvee Industries has been serving the pulp and paper industry worldwide, to serve high performance, the latest machinery. Today, Yesvee is one of  the leading complete manufacturers of pulp and paper machinery

The Outcome of Paper Machine Dryer Upgrade

The company was satisfied with the suggestions and approved them. They began working on the recommended upgrades immediately. The project team handling the paper machine, along with the team from Yesvee Industries, worked in collaboration to upgrade the dryer section.

Yesvee Industries proposed a simplified design with in-house manufacturing, that was also cost-effective, saving the customer from huge expenses.

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