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Paint Leakage Solutions: Case Study with M/S Aprar India Pvt. Ltd.

Safety and Environmental Risk Mitigation

Maintenance engineers at one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers faced an ongoing challenge: paint leakage from their waste pipes. This issue posed significant environmental and safety concerns.

In the automotive industry, paint is a critical component, especially in paint shops. These paints serve as protective layers on metal parts, preventing rust and extending the lifespan of automobiles. This painting process involves the use of various chemicals, making leakages a common occurrence and a source of safety and environmental hazards.

The client was looking for a competent vendor who would address complexities and provide long-term paint leakage solutions.

They found that M/s Aprar India Private Limited met their requirements. The vendor is well-known for their skill, expertise, infrastructure, technical abilities, and provision of various engineering solutions to different industries.

The Solution 

The vendor team identified the issue within the existing piping mechanism. They identified the continuous movement of pipes as the root cause of the failure of the existing system.

The proposed solution involved replacing the existing bellows with flexible bellows specifically designed for moving machine parts. The performance of these flexible bellows underwent rigorous monitoring and evaluation over several weeks.

The Outcome of Paint Leakage Solutions

  • The waste leakage was eliminated.
  • Flexible bellows were also implemented in two more locations by the client.
  • All three areas have become “leak-free zones”.
  • Safety and environmental risks were mitigated and eliminated.

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