Industrial Weighing Scales: M/s Techno System

Industrial Weighing Scales: A Case Study Simplifying Compliance

End-to-end Solutions for Industrial Weighing scales

One of India’s largest manufacturing companies has nearly 30 weighing scales ranging from 1kg to 5000 kg. The scales need to be checked regularly for compliance with legal metrology norms. Talking to various vendors can cause compliance issues for the company. They needed to solve this efficiently.

In any industry, weight is one of the most critical measurement factors. Weighing can determine profits, losses, and waste. Often, goods are sold or procured based on their weight, and a wide range of weighing scales are used to weigh different goods.

Different OEMs could manufacture the weighing scales. As weight is also the backbone for trading and invoicing, companies need to comply with legal metrology norms.

The company was corresponding with nearly six different vendors for maintenance of their weighing scales. Given the multiple vendors, they lost crucial time in negotiations, coordination, and execution. They also wanted to raise a single PO for all their scales.

The solution

The company contacted M/s Techno Systems to fulfill their requirements. Techno Systems has been manufacturing and maintaining weighing scales for over a decade and has worked closely with multiple OEMs.

Their expertise in handling different OEM weighing scales gave them an edge over other vendors. They worked with the clients to check all the weighing scales and were able to assess and work on 80% of them. 

The Outcome

The manufacturer was able to

  • Execute a single PO with M/s Techno Systems for 80% of their weighing scales,
  • Reduce 80% of the user’s time spent in negotiations and, coordination, thus simplifying execution.
  • Get a 5 % reduction in the total value of the job.

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