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IIoT Solutions: Enhancing Asset Monitoring From YuDash

Asset Monitoring using IIoT solutions

A leading high-performance cable manufacturer had frequent issues with power outages affecting their production, which resulted in major disruptions. Read about how YuDash’s solution, Yureca, was able to provide an effective solution.

Uninterrupted and clean power is the lifeline of any manufacturing unit. The power situation has improved significantly in recent years. Factories with continuous operations still have to deploy UPS for uninterrupted power. 

Following Murphy’s law, even the best UPS systems, sometimes break down on the most crucial days.  This causes production delays, financial loss, frustration within the team and friction with vendors.

Clients of YuDash, Garg Associates Pvt. Ltd., manufacture high-performance wire cables, so any power cuts for them would lead to high production losses. They needed a solution that could help them predict and prepare for an outage preemptively.

The Solution

YuDash solves this problem through Yureca, which is a self-contained IIoT solution that provides preventive alerts, real-time monitoring, and health insights for the UPS. The alerts can be on-floor alarms, emails, SMS, or even SOS phone calls.

The solution can be implemented by both factory owners and UPS manufacturers and resellers. It is used for critical utilities.

Yureca monitors and preempts UPS breakdowns and thus can be used by manufacturers to plan ahead. This technology is also being used by clients in the IT and banking sectors.

The Outcome

Yureca by YuDash was the perfect solution for manufacturers looking for remote monitoring and control of their assets. Using this solution ensured preventative action, thus saving resources and money. It also ensured the safety of assets.

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