HVAC System Optimization with Prasad Infra

Improving Manufacturing with HVAC System Optimization

A prominent cap and closure manufacturer was grappling with persistent issues with HVAC system optimization. These issues ranged from temperature fluctuations to chiller malfunctions, ultimately causing deviations in the manufacturing process temperature. Consequently, these deviations led to the rejection of the final product’s quality.

Chillers, a vital cog in manufacturing operations, serve dual purposes: providing a comfortable working environment through HVAC systems and controlling process temperatures. These machines must operate continuously to maintain temperatures, typically below 18°C. However, any disruption in the chiller circuit, such as airlocks, can result in temperature variations and chiller tripping, significantly impacting production.

The client sought a reliable vendor to address their chiller issues. Even with regular inspections and maintenance, chiller performance would deteriorate over time. The vendor’s task was to diagnose various potential problems, ranging from pump failures and clogged process lines to refrigerant leaks.

The Solution:

M/s Prasad Infracon Private Limited conducted a comprehensive assessment of the chillers and their distribution based on client input. They submitted a report containing recommendations. A significant finding was that the location of the Hot well and Cold well tanks on different floors caused airlocks in the circulation pumps.

The Outcome: HVAC System Optimization

M/s Prasad Infracon Private Limited successfully executed the relocation of both the Hot well and Cold well tanks to the same floor. This relocation was completed within the stipulated timeframe, and the circulation system was adjusted accordingly. Consequently, the frequency of airlocks was reduced significantly, addressing temperature fluctuations and chiller tripping issues.

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