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HVAC Solutions for Packaging Company


Our customer was a food packaging manufacturer with a strong business presence in the Asia-Pacific region. They supply products to six continents. The company delivers innovative packaging solutions with state-of-the-art technology and a strong commitment to quality.They were looking to start a new factory in India. The company approached us to set up HVAC solutions for their green field project in Satara.

We crafted tailor-made solutions that addressed their immediate needs and supported their long-term goals after carefully evaluating their core requirements.

This project was not just about installing HVAC systems; it was about ensuring that the new factory in India met global standards in operational efficiency and sustainability.


We faced several challenges while implementing the project:

  • Client budget and requirements: Aligning client expectations with allocated funds.
  • Vendor shortlisting: Finding 5 to 6 vendors that comply with requirements and match the budget.
  • Client-vendor meeting: Arranging on-site meetings to finalize technical and commercial scope
  • Vendor selection: Choosing the best vendor based on capabilities and pricing.
  • Budget savings: Achieving significant budget savings by optimizing the procurement process.
  • Internal and local issues: Adapting to unpredictable internal and local factors
  • Negotiations: Conducting multiple rounds of negotiations effectively and efficiently.

These are just a few of the challenges involved in capex procurement. It underlines the importance of adaptability and strategic decision-making to overcome them. 

Vendor Attributes for HVAC Systems

Vendor Attributes for HVAC Systems

HVAC Solutions

  • Vendor Evaluation: Venwiz used its extensive database of vendors to shortlist vendors who would meet the client’s criteria. 
  • Negotiations and contract: After extensive negotiations, the client awarded the contract to a leading HVAC manufacturer. 
  • Project Management: Venwiz CA team oversaw the project management to ensure the HVAC system was delivered on time and within budget.
  • Communication: The Venwiz platform facilitated smooth communication between the client and vendor, ensuring everyone was on the same page.


This case study is a testament to Venwiz’s commitment to excellence in Capex and MRO procurement.
We are proud to be partners with our clients and help them achieve their business goals.
To learn more about how Venwiz can help you achieve success in your next Capex procurement project, please visit our website or contact us for a free consultation.

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