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Clean Room Facilities Excellence: A Lennox Case Study

Clean Room Facilities Using Turnkey Solutions


A globally leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced sensing thermistors needed to upgrade their existing HVAC to a clean room* facility.

Clean room facilities require a combination of different activities like civil works, partitions, HVAC, filters, isolation doors, panels, flooring, etc. For execution, the client would have to delegate multiple vendors for a single project.

Cleanroom: An engineered space that maintains a very low concentration of airborne particulates.


The client would have to spend a lot of time and energy coordinating and managing various vendors. This would impact the project timelines, and the client would be risking asynchronous & uncoordinated work given the different vendors.

The client estimated around 5 months for the installation and commissioning of the project using multiple vendors and needed a better solution to overcome these challenges.

Solution With Clean Room Facilites

M/s Lennox Air Technologies started out as simple manufacturers of clean room facilities and pivoted towards providing end-to-end turnkey projects for total clean room facilities. M/s Lennox Clean Air Technologies has a dedicated facility catering to the entire manufacturing process involved in the clean room facilities. The facility has the required infrastructure for making panels, doors, structures, etc. The vendor also has a strong and experienced technical team.

The Outcome

M/s Lennox Air Technologies took over as the clients’ one point of contact for the entire project.

  • The project was completed in a span of 3 months instead of the projected 5-month period.
  • Given the vendor’s technical expertise, the company also implemented energy conservation schemes during the project through the replacement of belt drives, usage of VFDs (variable-frequency drive), moving from legacy power control to Thyristor power control for heating, etc.
  • Post implementation, the client achieved a 30% reduction in energy consumption as well.

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