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Civil turnkey project execution


M/s Bright Construction & Co., is an EPC (Engineering, procurement, and construction) Civil Contractor and works on large infrastructure projects. They cover all aspects of civil construction work, from building construction to equipment foundations and structural fabrication. They provide civil turnkey project execution solutions.

In 2012-2014, M/s Bright Construction & Co. were working for BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited) on a project at OPaL Dahej. Their scope of work covered the entire civil work for the Black Start DG sets for the CPP (Captive Power Plant).

Problem Statement

The client needed to lay a foundation in one go.

The 8.3 MW DG set had a dry weight of about 130 MT, but this weight increased significantly when the machine was fueled with water and oil. The foundation of the equipment was of dimension 13M (L) X 4M (W) X 3M (H). Heavy-volume foundations, such as TG (turbo generator) foundations, use steel support and shuttering, and due to continuous, high-volume work, shuttering is viable and economical.

However, for a single foundation such as the one the client required, similar solutions were unavailable. The estimated weight of the foundation was  400+ MT, which, without proper support during concreting, could jeopardize the structure, resulting in significant costs and delays.


M/s Bright Construction & Co along with the client engineers studied the problem and decided to reinforce the shuttering support with densely packed adjustable pipes, thus creating the provision to adjust the support at varied zones differently.

Additionally, Bright Construction strategically added TMT bars and vertical reinforcement to the shutter plates, making the structure self-supporting. They removed the vertical bars after casting.

To ensure smooth concrete pouring without site-related delays, Bright Construction scheduled the work for a Friday night when other activities would not obstruct the arrival of RMC mixers from the batching plant.

Bright Construction completed the project successfully through meticulous planning, innovative techniques, and stringent safety measures. They observed no issues such as leakage, bulging, or honeycombing in the foundation. The project finished on time, within budget, and without any accident.

Benefits To Client

The client managed to get their project completed on time and without any cost overrun. The quality of work also impressed the Project Management Consultant (PMC), facilitating smooth documentation and payment release to BHEL.

Civil Turnkey Project Execution Benefits

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