Civil Project Execution: Makin Case Study 1

Civil Project Execution During Monsoon: A Success Story

Civil project execution under unfavourable weather conditions.

India’s official bottling partners for a global beverage brand were looking for capable vendors to handle the setup of their new project, including external development & public health at the unit.

Given the magnitude of the project and unfavourable weather conditions, they needed an expert team with advanced planning capabilities for the execution of the project.

Monsoons can be a particularly challenging time for manufacturers & vendors to execute projects, especially large ones. The timelines of most of these projects are affected due to improper planning and poor execution during the rainy season. In India, this season typically starts in June and can stretch until August. An expert team with experience and advanced planning capabilities is crucial for the execution of projects during this period.

The client was looking for a competent vendor who could execute a civil project during this period. M/s Makin Developers came with a wide range of experience and had constructed 100+ factories. They understood the complications & requirements of the project. Upon their participation in the bid for the project, it was awarded to them.

The solution:

The project was initiated during the month of June with the following processes:

  • Assignment of a competent team of project managers, supervisors, and workers.
  • Daily weather forecast-based planning.
  • Protective gear and visibility clothing – PPE for slip-proof grip, for workers.
  • Guidance and awareness programs for workers.
  • Temporary work sheds for machines to avoid short circuits or damage due to rains.
  • Dewatering pumps to remove accumulated water etc.

The Outcome of Civil Project Execution

  • The project was executed successfully and handed over to the client with adherence to regulations within the agreed-upon schedule.
  • It was one of the biggest greenfield projects for the client.
  • Execution of this project within the stipulated time also helped the clients boost their total production capabilities.

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