Plough Arm Breakdown Solution Sunrise Case

How Sunrise Process Equipment Solved Plough Arm Breakdowns?

Solving for the Frequent Breakdown of Plough Arms

A leading manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), pharmaceutical intermediates, specialty chemicals, and formulations was facing issues with their existing plough arms. This resulted in the improper mixing of materials.

The bending of the plough arms resulted in improper material mixing. The manufacturer has dealt with this long-standing issue, often requiring temporary fixes.

The manufacturer was looking for a vendor who could provide a more permanent plough arm breakdown Solution

To resolve the plough arm issue, the client contacted M/s Sunrise Process Equipments, as they were confident in providing permanent solutions. The vendor team studied all the problems and designed suitable equipment that would address them.

The Solution

Bending of Plough Arms:

  • The successful erection and commissioning of the equipment at the site resolved the plough arm bending issue.
  • The manufacturer increased the thickness of heavy cleats and plough arms from 30 mm to 40 mm.
  • They conducted multiple trial runs using continuous batches, and the plough arm blades were found intact (without any bends).

Improper mixing of materials

They maintained optimal overlap between two ploughs to maximize mixing capacity, addressing the previous inefficiency.

MOC (Material of Construction Options) suitability for their product

  • Initially, supplies were in SS 316 MOC, but after continuous operation for approximately a year, the ploughs exhibited significant pitting and a reduction in thickness from 10 mm to 3 mm or 2 mm.
  • To assess the suitability of the material of construction (MOC), they suggested using a test piece of Hastelloy C-22 material in the equipment, and it remained intact even after multiple batch trials.
  • They then replaced the SS 316 ploughs with Hastelloy C-22, effectively solving the issue of MOC suitability and ensuring proper material ploughing and mixing

The Outcome of the Plough Arm Breakdown Solution

The customer was satisfied with the outcome, and it resulted in a better order value position and more value addition for the vendor. Repeat orders were given to the vendor, due to the successful testing of Hastelloy MOC. The vendor also got orders of Hastelloy cladding PSM with contact parts, Hastelloy C-22 MOC and base metal SS 304

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