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Calibration Downtime Reduction Success Story: A Paperboard Manufacturer’s Journey

The Challenges

One of India’s largest paperboard manufacturers needs work on calibration downtime reduction and acquiring NABL certifications for their temperature sensors.

Undertaking calibration in-house would involve a huge downtime of over 16 hours (since they had just one testing equipment with 2 set points, and had to calibrate close to 40 temperature sensors). NABL certification of equipment is mandatory to ensure the final products pass all quality control checks.

The Solution Focusing on Calibration Downtime Reduction

With the right service partners like, M/s Cal, you get years of experience and established credentials.

The team quickly identified and solved the problem, by providing their clients access to a large number of equipment (dry well calibrators) and valid certifications for all these sensors.

The job, which traditionally would have cost clients extensive wasted hours and money, was executed in just 5 hours by the team. They reduced the downtime drastically by 70%, as well as providing the required certifications.

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