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Identifying and addressing the cause of oil leaks in the transformer

A prominent global manufacturer and supplier of sustainable carbon black additives encountered a pressing problem when the temperature of one of their transformers started rising. After a previous vendor failed to provide a solution, they were in search of an experienced and knowledgeable vendor.

Transformers play a pivotal role as critical equipment used to adjust AC voltage levels while maintaining constant power and frequency.

The customized level of voltage is used to transmit and distribute electric power to end users.

Routine tests and inspections are essential to monitor and maintain the equipment’s health.

Recently, the client conducted maintenance on the transformer through an external vendor, inadvertently causing an increase in its working temperature. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the transformer’s oil level was decreasing due to a leak. This posed a significant risk, as reduced oil levels could lead to overheating, short circuits, and damage to the transformer. Despite an inspection, the current vendor was unable to pinpoint and rectify the leakage issue within a reasonable timeframe.

The client decided to reach out to a more experienced vendor for a permanent transformer oil leak solution, in this case, M/s Bhavani Electricals.

When brought on board, M/s Bhavani Electricals did not request a huge downtime, rather, they studied the problem based on earlier maintenance reports and carried out a thorough physical inspection.

They identified the source of the leakage, which originated from an internal gasket, and arrested it at the source, within a stipulated amount of time.

The Outcome of Transformer Oil Leak Solution

M/s Bhavani Electricals efficiently identified and addressed the issue with the transformer. It was rectified without incurring additional downtime. After their transformer oil leak solution:

  • The transformer’s oil levels remained stable.
  • No short circuits occurred, and maintenance proceeded effectively

M/s Bhavani Electricals became the client’s regular vendor, receiving repeat orders.

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