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Agitator Efficiency Transformation: GCTPL Success Story

Agitators are one of the most utilised equipment in the Pharmaceutical industry. They ensure the proper mixing of various media. With the world looking towards energy-efficient solutions, agitators also needed to be replaced by an API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) company, in order to be energy efficient. Read more about the challenges and solutions in this Agitator Efficiency case study.

The Problem

Due to the niche requirement, not a lot of vendors were equipped to work on the existing equipment to make them more energy efficient.

GCTPL had the advantage of experience (over other vendors) having done similar projects with their previous customers. The clients thus awarded this project to GCTPL based on the feedback and inputs taken from previous client experiences.


Agitator Efficiency, agitator drawing

Agitators are one of the most utilised equipment in the Pharmaceutical industry. These
ensure the proper mixing of various media. Media includes all liquid types, gases & solids
(such as salts, powders, granules etc.). Agitators work by rotating an impeller to impart energy to the media, which then interact and mix (they have a shaft and an impeller connected to mixing). The shaft is connected to a motor which drives the mixing mechanism.


The team at GCTPL has two challenges to address & overcome:

  • Using the client’s existing agitators.
  • Avoiding any deviation in the process of mixing due to the upgrades.

The team at GCTPL began analysing each agitator, working on various parameters such as process operating temperature, process liquid, solid content, MOC (Material of Construction) of the tank, impeller and shaft, agitator sweep diameter, bottom clearance, etc.

Proposed Solutions to Improve Agitator Efficiency

  • Upon completion of the analysis, GCTPL proposed design modifications, followed by certain procurements of equipment to ensure they did not affect the process.
  • GCTPL implemented the recommended actions on the 2 agitators that the clients wanted to pilot test.
  • Post-implementation of modifications & test runs, they observed the process and recorded all parameters for a duration of 30 days.

About Gaurang Project And Technology Private Limited

M/s Gaurang Project And Technology Private Limited are professionals experienced in design drafting, 3D modelling, fabrication, installation, erection, commissioning, and turnkey solution of condensers, silos, bins, hoppers, agitators, distillation towers, reactors, storage tanks etc.

The Outcome

When compared against their previous energy consumption, there was a reduction of 35% to 40% without affecting the mixing or the process.  

The company gave clearance for the implementation of the same in a phase-wise manner, which included around 20 such agitators of different capacities, to the vendors. They were happy with the increase in agitator efficiency.

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