HVAC System Relocation: Sanket Case

HVAC System Relocation: The Path to Improved Operations

Addressing the complexities of effective equipment relocation

A multi-million dollar company manufacturing health care, personal care, and home care products was looking for a capable vendor to shift their existing HVAC from the first floor to the ground floor. The main constraints of the project were:

  • The HVAC system was very old.
  • The entire system’s functioning after shifting it to the ground floor.

On a logistical level, the shifting of equipment can go south for a variety of reasons. One is that the vendors moving the equipment may damage it or set it up improperly, which can result in downtime or production quality issues. Other issues come in the planning stages, like plan layout and problems with the new infrastructure, etc. Thus, relocation needs careful planning & consideration.

The client tried reaching out to a few vendors, but due to their capabilities & experience, they did not qualify for the job.

Additionally, despite, many vendors being available for these kinds of jobs upon assessment of the scope of work a lot of vendors declined to work under such conditions refusing the job due to the complexities involved.

The client finally reached out to M/s Sanket Technologies for HVAC system relocation. 

M/s Sanket Technologies had prior experience with carrying out similar jobs of relocation of cooling towers, chiller and HVAC systems and thus accepted the job.

Due to their experience in this field, the team was also extremely competent in their initial assessment as well as in carrying out the relocation of equipment effectively.

The Solution

M/s Sanket Technologies was awarded the contract.  The team ensured the utmost safety in shifting the equipment.

  • Instead of dismantling the entire system, the equipment was moved in sections. This helped them fix the ducts in different locations without a lot of wastage.
  • Refrigerant leaks and spills are also avoided by ensuring proper isolation.
  • The toughest task was to ensure the HVAC system ran more efficiently after shifting it.

Outcome of HVAC System Relocation

  • In addition to the initial scope, the vendor had identified leakages in the system along with improper insulation on the pipes during their assessment.
  • These issues were rectified at no additional cost.
  • ‘Post-shifting of the equipment, the client got a better aesthetic look, improved efficiency and ease of maintenance.

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