How Testimonials and Case Studies help generate more business for service vendors

Have you wondered why some of the top companies showcase testimonials and case studies on their website?

Did you know 97% of B2B buyers cited testimonials and peer recommendations as the most reliable type of content when making a B2B procurement decision? (Source: Demand Gen Report)

To stand out from the crowd, it is beneficial to have testimonials from satisfied manufacturing clients in from having an up-to-date digital portfolio.

Your current client knows better than anyone else what it\’s like to work with you. So why not take advantage of their positive feedback to attract new clients or manufacturers? You can increase your chances of building trust with new leads and encouraging them to convert by showcasing the positive experiences your current clients have had with you.

Why are case studies and testimonials important?

Your services and promotion go a long way towards establishing your industry expertise, but the positive experience of your clients’ will be the deciding factor in whether or not your prospects will become your clients. Here\’s what it does:

  • Increases Credibility and Builds Trust: Prospective manufacturing clients are likely to find you more credible if established players in their industry-speak well of you as a vendor. They have a higher level of trust in one another. As the validation comes from an unbiased third party, it shows that you are trustworthy, and decision-making becomes easy. This will help them convert from a prospect to a client by persuading them to buy your service.
  • The Zeigarnik Effect: This effect is triggered by case studies in particular. If prospects are currently experiencing the same or similar issues as those discussed in the case studies, the content will likely resonate with them, and they will be compelled to read the case study until a solution is revealed. The more they will engage with it, the more chances there are for them to regard you as a reliable business partner.
  • Increases Visibility and Generates Leads: Today manufacturing client conducts an average of 12 online searches when looking for new products and services. So when you show up in their search results by using the right keywords in case studies and testimonials, they\’re hoping to find something useful. And that aids them in making a decision – particularly if they are spending a significant sum of money.

Case Study or Testimonial. What is better for you?

Unsure about what is right for you? Let\’s understand the difference between both and figure out your best option.

Case Study: A case study is a type of written content that is especially useful for showcasing data-driven stories. It\’s best to use a case study if you have information that demonstrates your value to a client. It tells a more in-depth story and demonstrates the vendor\’s expertise, customer service ethics, creativity, and attitude.

Testimonial : A testimonial is a great way to show how your product or service improved your client\’ operations or helped them achieve a higher level of success. Testimonials can be written, such as in the form of interview-style blog posts, but they are often best presented as videos that allow the client\’s voice to be heard directly.

How to get started on a case study or testimonial?

Here’s how to get started on a fantastic case study or testimonial that your clients will want to participate in:

Make a list of your most satisfied clients and ask for participation

It is unlikely that a client will come up to you for a testimonial or case study. So don’t be shy. Make a list of your happy clients and the ones who benefitted from your services. Approach them. Encourage your sales reps, account managers, and project managers to identify happy clients who are praising your company. Look through your data, social media or feedback on review sites to create a list of previous or current clients to contact.

Explain the context and their benefit 

Clients will have confidence in your message if they know what it is and how it will be delivered. They would also want to know if there\’s something in it for them. When presenting the idea, make sure to emphasise the benefits along with some discount on future purchases or extended services

Be clear about what you need

Before approaching a client about creating a case study or testimonial, make sure you have all of your ducks in a row. Create interview questions to help your clients get the answers they need. For example: What was the problem? What was the solution? What was the result? Why did they choose you as a vendor? What did they enjoy about working with you? Why would they tell others about you?

Give them control

It is only right for your client to have a say in how the content is presented once it is finished. After all, the main features are their brand, logo, employee names and faces, and proprietary information. Assure them that they will be involved in the process and that you will not release anything that they do not approve of. If they request that something be removed or changed, try to understand why they are making the request and follow through.

To make the path frictionless, write your own testimonial or case study without getting a client involved. Here are the points you can include:

  • A brief description of your client\’s company
  • The challenges they faced before starting to work with you
  • Your solution for them 
  • The results they achieved, including success metrics, to show why you\’re the best choice
  • Quotes from the clients (if any) 

You must have gotten a fair idea of how your ‘satisfied clients’ are one of the most powerful marketing tools. Take advantage of their positive feedback and experiences to generate new leads for new business. You can use case studies and testimonials to highlight the value of your services through the art of storytelling. It will humanise your work if done correctly, allowing potential clients to better understand how your services helped solve real-world problems faced by their peers.

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