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Vendor Digital Portfolio: A Must Have in 2021

We\’re all aware of how time-consuming the procurement process\’s initial decision-making stages are. Manufacturers will consider working with you only if they fully grasp what you bring to the table and how it varies from what your competitors can provide.


With everything going digital, everyone\’s first inclination when looking for information is to search the internet. The same is true for manufacturers as well, when they are searching for new service vendors.


Now, in order to catch their eye, you must have a strong online presence – a digital portfolio. If you don\’t have a vendor digital portfolio in place yet, you could be missing out on a lot of buyers who will move on to your competitors.


What is a vendor digital portfolio?


A digital portfolio is simply a collection of information about your company and services organized in one place.


The basic idea behind creating a digital profile is to give others, specifically leads and potential buyers looking for your service, easy access to data that would otherwise take time to track down through multiple sources. 


An example might include listing every city where a certain vendor offers equipment installation services as well as contact details for each city along with website links to additional pages describing different types of installations. 


What are the benefits of having a digital portfolio?


A digital portfolio is a valuable tool for any industrial service vendor. Considered the best way to promote your services and streamline processes, here are some of its benefits:  

  1. Creates a Digital Identity and Increases Brand Awareness

Your digital portfolio will become your digital identity on the internet having all information about you. It will promote your brand among buyers even before they speak to you and allow them to learn in-depth about each of your service offerings. They can conveniently contact you and make inquiries throughout the whole procurement process.

  1. Attracts Clients

Once you have an online presence, it will be easier for leads and potential clients to discover you through the internet. If you have a detailed portfolio with the right keywords, it will increase your chances of being noticed and rank higher in different search engines when the buyers search for a specific job. Google looks for two factors when ranking your site: authority and relevancy. It will assign a ranking to your website based on the algorithm\’s results and other data, like – content, structure, and link profile. It then determines the website\’s relevancy to a specific search term. 

  1. Breaks Geographical Barriers

You never know, your next potential buyer might be sitting thousands of kilometers away, seeking your services right now. Unless you have an online presence, you won\’t be able to catch their eye. Through a digital portfolio, you can attract leads from around the world.   

  1. Saves Money

A digital portfolio saves your printing, formatting and labour costs. You won\’t need to publish and deliver any documents, the way it happens in the conventional manner. 

  1. Easy to Update 

A big benefit of having a digital portfolio is that it can be easily organised and updated with latest projects, anytime and anywhere. You can keep capabilities and experiences up to date to grab and win the latest business opportunities based on these capabilities.


What all should you include in your digital vendor portfolio? 


The quality of any vendor portfolio influences the buyer\’s decision to work with them. While clarity and simplicity are important, your digital portfolio must provide all of the details regarding your company, services you offer as well as your capabilities.


Hence a digital portfolio goes beyond just creating a digital brochure and captures the value you add to your clients


Start with introducing your company – who, how and when. Share your backstory in brief and move on to the following points:

  1. Location – Are you regional, national or international? What areas do you cover? How many locations do you serve? Do you provide on-site assistance? 
  2. Industries you Serve – Which industries can benefit the most from your key competencies? How have you effectively expanded into new markets? 
  3. Services Offered and Scope of Work – Extensively explain about your services, detailed capacity information, sample, and scope of work. 
  4. Equipment – Include a list of equipment (if you use) so buyers know what equipment you\’ll be using to suit their needs.
  5. Certificates – Provide your certification and compliance information. Most buyers need their vendors to have a specific level of certification and to follow a rigorous quality control process.
  6. Experience: Sharing technical details about your past jobs with clients (without revealing confidential information) gives potential clients confidence to hire you for similar jobs
  7. References and Testimonials –  Highlighting references and testimonials from past clients in your portfolio increases your trustworthiness. It shows that you\’re dependable and competent. (Read how Testimonials and Case Studies help generate more business for service vendors
  8. About you and the Team – Introduce the individuals behind your company, and what kind of experience they carry behind them. This lends more credibility to your company’s profile.
  9. Contact Details – Provide a basic list of contact information – office address, phone numbers, email, etc. so they can reach out to you easily.
  10. Brochure – You can attach a downloadable brochure (pdf file) which includes all the above information.

Having a solid digital portfolio makes it possible for vendors of all sizes to build confidence in a buyer to initiate conversation with them. It will eventually have a huge impact on your business. 


Venwiz realizes its importance and provides you a platform to create your own online portfolio. Build your online presence, get visibility, save money and connect with hundreds of potential manufacturing clients – All through one platform. 


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